Welcome Babes!

My name is Yhara, Yes… Yhara. Yhara with and H. The H is actually silent and I am almost sure I am the first Yhara you have ever meet.  I am currently 26 Years young!

I am super excited to finally share my blog with you all. Lets start with a couple of reasons why.

Well number 1,

1: I wanted to lol

2: I usually write a lot and decided to do it on my blog rather than my Ig . Since Ig is a bit more limited.

3: Wanted you all to know me on a more personal level.

4: I really enjoy creating content and meeting people who share the same interest.

I hope you all like my blog, and my content. I want to portray my passions, such as Makeup, home decor, writing and soccer!

Yes, I said Soccer!